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Hi, I'm new in this field, and trying to use OrthoFinder for the first time. I have 400 transcript names, and the names are like this: "Locus_12595_Transcript_9/10_Confidence_0.586_Length_4247;putative_protein_kinase-like_domain-containing_protein_[Helianthus_annuus]_OTG38495;nr", which are not the type of gene_IDs that I can use in GO analysis. I want to find orthologs of these transcripts, hoping to get normal gene_IDs, suitable for GO analysis. Now I have 3 questions: 1)does OrthoFinder accept the transcript names that I have as input? 2)if yes, just an excel or txt file containing the transcript names can be used as input? 3)should I just compare my transcript names to Arabidopsis? or another close species to my plant species? Thank you,


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