After the Government of India approved Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine on Monday (April 12), COVID-19 vaccines recognised by WHO and major countries of the world were approved for emergency use in the country on Tuesday (Wednesday 13).

That means, now our country is ready to welcome foreign-made vaccines and this is a very big news. Therefore, today we will analyse this and tell you what will be the effect of this decision made by Government of India.

Till now we were saying that our country not only has one, but two vaccines. That is, India not only has one, but two missiles against the coronavirus in the form of vaccine. But then suddenly the scarcity of vaccine emerged in the country and in the last two days all the equations changed.

First, Russia's Sputnik V vaccine was approved by the government and on April 13, a way was cleared for three foreign-made vaccines.

This recommendation was made by the the National Expert Group of Vaccine, which the government has accepted. In simple words, to speed up the vaccination campaign in the country, the government has paved the way for importing foreign made Vaccines in India.

Now we tell you which vaccines can make an entry in India after this decision.

Their names are Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson as all three have shown interest in selling their vaccines in India. Soon, inoculation may start with vaccines of these three companies in India.

One aspect of this decision is that foreign companies will not have to go through a lengthy process in India for their vaccines. 

The National Expert Group has said that initially these vaccines will be given to 100 people, then these 100 people will be monitored for seven days and if everything goes smoothly, then the vaccine will be used on more people. That means, your safety will be first and foremost.

There are 195 countries in the world, where at present, a total of 13 COVID-19 vaccines are being used. Among them are India's Covaxin and Covishield.

Among the vaccines that are most discussed, the first is American company Pfizer, the second is from Johnson & Johnson company and the third is from Oxford University’s Astrazeneca. Apart from this, Moderna's vaccine is also in it.

So far, 10.85 crore people have got the vaccine doses in India. But only 1.35 crore people have been vaccinated with both the vaccine doses. Our country has a population of 135 crore people, and these 135 crore people have to get inoculated with both doses. That means, this work is not easy at all. Until many companies become partners in this, the vaccine crisis will persist.

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