Hello everyone,

I am looking for conceptual help with a grad school genomic analysis project. Instructions:

Select one or more papers, articulate a new hypothesis, and use the dataset(s) to support (or refute) that hypothesis.

Perform at least two analyses/visualizations on two different data models (RNA-seq, microRNA, copy number, ChIP-seq, etc), or apply at least two different methods to test your hypothesis.

Integrate the different analyses to enhance your conclusion(such as combining microRNA and mRNA data or using pathway analysis/visualization algorithms to confirm functional similarity).

I had planned to take RNA-seq data from a mouse study, and extrapolate the impact of intermittent fasting-induced differential gene expression to cancer survival in humans. I knew would be stretch and more of a fun, speculative approach. The plan was to get the mouse RNA-seq data, perform differential gene expression, convert the mouse gene ID to human gene ID, as to pretend that this was a human study from the beginning. From here I would perform gene set enrichment analysis to find enriched biological pathways. If I were to find any, I would then perform survival analysis with cancer patient mRNA expression data, to find any associations with intermittent fasting up/downregulated genes form the identified enriched gene sets.

I presented my project idea to a professor and he was not the biggest fan. Although the biological implication might be a far stretch, I assumed that it would be an acceptable since I THINK it follows the instructions. I am hoping to get some suggestions for how I could either improve my approach, or a general framework of analysis that would follow the instruction provided, to then look for a paper(s) with data sets that I could use. For my personal interests, I would like to focus on the metabolic side of human longevity/age-related diseases, I just lack the knowledge of how to do so, with these instructions.

link of paper I initially wanted to use. - www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6764061/pdf/10.1177_1559325819876780.pdf

I appreciate any help, thanks in advance!

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