How would I go about picking out certain files in a FASTA file and putting them in a new, separate file?



I'm an undergraduate who has been working with quite a few FASTA files for the past few months, and something that has been irking me is my inability to quickly take out a select few sequences from a 'master' fasta and put them into their own dataset.

I have a 'master' fasta file that has ~200 sequences in it, each labelled with their respective name like >NZ_123456. I've been constructing smaller datasets out of the plasmids in the larger one by copying and pasting the sequences I need into a new file, and that has gotten tedious. Would there be a way for me to list out the sequences I need and have their sequences copied from that dataset and put together into a new dataset? I imagine there would be a way to use either the terminal or python to do this, but I am a novice in the field so I am curious about suggestions. Thank you and have a good day!






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