my dataframe looks like this:

Index(['#Organism/Name', 'TaxID', 'BioProject Accession', 'BioProject ID', 'Group', 'SubGroup', 'Size (Mb)', 'GC%', 'Replicons', 'WGS',
'Scaffolds', 'Genes', 'Proteins', 'Release Date', 'Modify Date',
'Status', 'Center', 'BioSample Accession', 'Assembly Accession',
'Reference', 'FTP Path', 'Pubmed ID', 'Strain'],

I ask the user to enter the name of the species with this script :
print("bacterie species?")

I want to look for the rows with "Organism/Name" equal to the species written by the user (input) then to calculate with "values.count" of the status column and finally to retrieve 'FTP Path'. Here is the code that I could do but that does not work:

if species in data["Organism/Name"]:

print(data.loc[data["Organism/Name"] == species]['Status'].value_counts())
print(data.loc[data["Organism/Name"] == species]["FTP Path"].unique())

print("This species not found")

I would like to use this "ftp path" to download the genomes

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