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In this code I want to draw ggplot inside the loop for each alpha and y axis takes the ylim(min(Pro_df$Relative_Error),max(Pro_df$Relative_Error)), each alpha in a graph individually, that's mean I want 7 ggplot. Also, I want geom_boxplot individually in a graph for each alpha. I tried to do that by the following code but it did not work.


Pro_df <- data.frame(
x = integer(0),
Alpha = numeric(0), 
Relative_Error = numeric(0))
mu=7      # Mean Value
sigma2=4   # Variance value
for (alpha in c(0.001,0.01,0.025,0.05,0.1,0.25,0.375))  {
for (i in 1:13) 


newrow <- data.frame(x = i, 
                     Alpha = alpha, 
                     Relative_Error = Relative_Error)

Pro_df <- rbind(Pro_df, newrow)

all the previous code work correctly, now I want to plot my ggplot and boxplot so before close the first loop I wrote the following code but it did not work as I want in my question above.

print(map2 <- ggplot() +
geom_boxplot(data = Pro_df, 
             aes( , y =Relative_Error),
             colour = "red", size = .5))      
print(ggplot(Pro_df, aes(x =x, y =Relative_Error, colour = Alpha)) +
      geom_line() +

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