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Please forgive me for any obvious mistakes, I am incredibly new to bioinformatics.

I created a rooted Neighbor-Joining Tree using Mega and have an output in Newick, I want to export a sum of branch lengths for each sequence into excel. I cannot figure out how to do this. My issue is that Newick is nested so I cannot just separate it in excel. Is there some software that can calculate the sum of branch lengths or is there some way to output the branch lengths only? Here is part of what the Newick looks like

((((((((((((((((((((Angelica:0.00000000,CREW:0.00266929):0.00089797,(Anaya:0.00480000,Adonis:0.00316817):0.00176339):0.00111031,Crimd:0.00421156):0.00049871,(Murucutumbu:0.00194701,LaterM:0.00070200):0.00282753):0.00151530,(Bella96:0.00233859,Urkel:0.00031042):0.00751357):0.01485758,(Curiosium:0.01936984,Yunkel11:0.01016251):0.00061497):0.00749089,LastHope:0.02096563):0.02782758,(Enkosi:0.06678160,(Validus:0.03838095,Niklas:0.01862227):0.02217447):0.01377011):0.01501379,) **It continue with about 100 sequences

Please, I really need help. Or any idea of how to do this.

Thank you so much in advance.

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