How to obtain FDR across all regions investigated in DiffBind


Hi guys,
I'm interested to make a Volcano plot and using different color i want to show which genes are UP and which are DOWN.
To do this I need to use the logFc and FDR relative to ALL investigated regions and not just of DEGs.
While logFC was found in in this way:

dbObj_region <- dba.analyze(dbObj_region, method=DBA_EDGER)
b <- dbObj_region$contrasts
all_site <-[[1]][5]$edgeR$LRT$table)

I can't find FDR value of all sites.
Can you help me??

Thanks a lot



The "correct" way to retrieve results in DiffBind is via the function. Setting th=1 returns all results with FDR <= 1.0, which is all of them.

Could it be as simple as:

p.adjust(all_site$PValue, method="fdr")

? Your code isn't quite clear (to me), but if edgeR is used in the process, and I'm guessing that last line returns a typical edgeR table containing all the things investigated, then a typical way to adjust p-values (i.e. examine FDR) is to use the p.adjust function).

before adding your answer.

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