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I have a folder containing *.fastq.gz files (R1 and R2) for many samples. For example, in the folder "Raw_WGS", I have several files like

Sample_1_R1.fastq.gz, Sample_1_R2.fastq.gz, Sample_2_R1.fastq.gz,
Sample_2_R2.fastq.gz, Sample_3_R1.fastq.gz, Sample_3_R2.fastq.gz

I have another folder e.g. "Analysis" where I have different sub-folders according to the name of my sample sequences. I have sub-folders named like

Sample_1, Sample_2, Sample_3

I have a Text file containing all the names of my samples i.e. Sample_1, Sample_2, Sample_3.
Now, I want to move the *_R1.fastq.gz and *_R2.fastq.gz files for each sample to their respective sub-folder according to the name in the "Analysis" folder.

Can you please tell me how can I do that for all the samples at once? I can use the "mv" command to move each file at a time. But I have 1000s of files. So, I want to move them all by running a single script.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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