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Hi all,

I have some RNA-Seq data and I am planning to run DESeq analysis on them and I am facing an error when I am assigning the gene names as row names it says "duplicate row names". I don't want to remove any genes is there any way to work around it?
Below is an example of my data Countdata

gene          sample1    sample2    sample3
CCDC7           419        326         360
CNNM1           60         48          22
PAK6            208        200         176
RPP14           50         42          91
IDS              8         11          18
PAK6            702        802         612
CFTR            58         48          40
CNN3            1200       1224        1605
CNNM1           906        989         823

Have tried How To Deal With Duplicate Row Names Error In R way.
Tried to take only gene names in separate dataframe and tried to make them as row names to this data frame.

rownames(countdata2) = make.names(countdata, unique = TRUE)

But getting an error saying "Invalid row.names length". Can anyone please guide me through?
Thank you very much in advance

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