How to download NCBI fastq data to local machine where access type is "Use Cloud Data Delivery"


I have setup AWS and Google cloud accounts with billing. But both are overwhelmingly complicated for a simple user. What I would like to do is download multiple fastq files from NCBI that have gs:// or s3:// locations, to my local machine. I realise there are instructions but I cant find a simple explanation of what I need to do.

If we take AWS. I have aws cli installed.
When I try:

aws cp s3://sra-pib-src-7/thesra/thefastq

I get:

fatal error: An error occurred (403) when calling the HeadObject operation: Forbidden

What exactly do I need to do to sign up for with AWS and setup on AWS to allow this data download?

Do I need to create an EC2 instance, log into console, s3 copy to the EC2 instance, then download from my home machine via s3 copy - or is there a way a bypass the process of copying to an EC2 instance and direct download to home machone from the s3 bucket location on NCBI?





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