How to create SAF from text file for FeatureCounts


Hello everyone,
I have some ATACseq bam files and a reference peak set(genomic regions) in text format. I am trying to get count matrix from the bam files( i.e or each bam file I want to calculate f how many reads fall in each peak) . so I am trying to use featureCounts for this purpose. which needs annotations in SAF or GTF format. 1) in my case is annotation the reference peakset ? 2) if so how to convert my peak set to SAF or GTF format .
here is a few lines of the peak set

seqnames    start   end name    score   annotation  percentGC
chr1    906012  906513  ACC_10  7.171192997 Intron  0.612774451
chr2    112541661   112542162   ACC_10008   22.03057903 Promoter    0.55489022
chr1    21673421    21673922    ACC_1001    6.459954383 Distal  0.508982036
chr2    112584205   112584706   ACC_10013   43.20855549 Promoter    0.586826347
chr2    112596243   112596744   ACC_10016   5.428209077 Intron  0.491017964
chr1    21725692    21726193    ACC_1002    5.201272875 Intron  0.405189621




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