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I am making a genome coverage plot using python and trying to add a gaussian fitting. What I want is like this:
expected gaussian fitting
But when I use my code to plot, it gives me something like this:
actual result

Please only use the red and black curve and ignore the x,y label and the green&blue curves in the first image.
Here's my code:

cov_roi = cov[4569000:4666000] #select the genome region of interests (roi) using pandas dataframe

x = cov_roi.loci
y = cov_roi.coverage

n = len(x)                          
mean = sum(y)/n                   
sigma = (sum((y-mean)**2)/n) **(0.5)      
mu = np.median(x)

def gaussian(x, mu, sig):
    return np.exp(-np.power(x - mu, 2.) / (2 * np.power(sig, 2.)))


plt.plot(x,y, "r." ,label = 'MAPLE', ms=0.3,color = 'r')

plt.plot(x, gaussian(x, mu, sigma), 'k-', alpha=0.5,lw=2, label='Gaussian fitting')
plt.ylim((-500, 10000))

plt.xlabel('Base Position (Kbp)')

plt.title('Coverage Map')

Could anybody help me?

Thank you so much!


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