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Hello All,

I am running for long non-coding RNAs analysis using a FEELnc software (on human data). I found my candidate LncRNAs (first step) and now am running the second step using the coding potentials) using

My code is as below:
Is my code correct for this step?
How long this step takes time, s I have been running it for 24 hours and it still is not finished. -i ~/RNASeqData/FEELnc/Result/candidate_lncRNA.gtf -a ~/RNASeqData/FEELnc/Result/feelncCodingPot_1/genome.gtf -g
~/RNASeqData/FEELnc/feelncCodingPot_1/genome.fa -b transcript_biotype=protein_coding --mode=shuffle

Appreciate your comments and help,

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