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This is again 10x data. There are independent R1,R2,I1 files in Data access tab at NCBI SRA, but unfortunately you will need to pay to download those from Google cloud or Amazon AWS. They appear to have made these three files as a single download for the link that remains free. Here is one sample. Looks like there are a total of four samples in this set.

Edit: I prefetched the single file. fastq-dump --split-files -F SRR8611994 generated three files R1,R2,I3 (they were named SRR8611994_1.fastq, SRR8611994_2.fastq, SRR8611994_3.fastq and will need to be renamed afterwards).

Note : My guess is the single file on EBI-ENA is also one that contains all three files.


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