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I have a list of genes and I'd like to check which histones they correlate to.
As far as I know it is expected to be negatively correlated with one modified histone and therefore I'd expect it to be similarly positively correlated with a few others.
The thing is - I don't know what sort of list would meet these needs.

The genes come from MEF (mouse embryonic cells).

I tried downloading a table I found in UCSC table browser, but I am not sure if it's the right thing or not.
It is described: "The ENCODE project has established an epigenomic resource for mammalian development, profiling a diverse panel of mouse tissues at eight developmental stages from 10.5 days post conception until birth."
The tables look like this: encode3Ren_facial_prominence_(histone)_E11 and I can download a table for each modified histone (with several different days post conception, as represented by the 'E').

Can anyone help me figure this out?



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