How do I compare degree and betweenness centrality for different PPI networks?


Hi everyone,

I am in the midst of writing my project for university and have managed to get to grips with Cytoscape over the last month or two. I have created PPI networks and changed the node size to correlate with the degree and the colour of the node to correlate with the betweenness centrality values. It is my goal to be able to use that data to identify hubs for example.

I am running into a slight issue because I feel that the PPI networks that I am creating are not consistent with each other. To give an example, the BC values for each data set is wildly different and so is the degree. Do I plot the top 10 or 20% nodes with a high BC value, because the BC values for each data set will be different. I am confused as to how to keep things consistent. Any information or advice would be appreciated.







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