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Hi community,
I have an statistical question to ask you. I have a data set, for a specific time point I have 3 groups:
-transcribed genes direction 1 (n =x)
-transcribed genes direction 2 (n=y)
-transcribed genes direction 3 (n=z)

and I have a list with specific nt of interest (n = 5k)

I've calculate the distances from those nt to the genes and I would like to know if there is any difference in those that are inside or outside the gene, lets say:

  • for transcribed direction 1: 50/x are inside and 600 are at 1kb distance
  • for transcribed genes direction 2 : 500/y are inside and 700 are at 1kb distance
    -for transcribed genes direction 3: 300/z are inside and 500 are at 1kb distance

what is the best way to show if they are different or not? any statistical test to show it?

Thank you


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