Help writing code for a question on my homework


Hello! I am taking my first programming class and I am struggling with some questions on my biopython homework. I can't figure out how to work with the files and how to get the sequence from the file in order it to change it. If someone could help me with even one of these questions that would be amazing!

Write a Python program that takes the sequences.fasta file (included in the cumulative exercises folder) and writes a revcomp.fasta file with the reverse complements of the original sequences. Hint. The SeqIO.write() function can write an entire list of SeqIO records.

Write a Python program that takes the sequence of the 1AI4 ( PDB protein (download the FASTA file manually), and writes a corresponding UniProt file.

Find and download a single sequence record from genbank (here is a shortcut to the search engine The genbank identifier of the record is HE805982.1. This record contains information about the DNA region coding for HBx, a multifunctional hepatitis B viral protein involved in modulating several pathways by directly or indirectly interacting with hosts factors (protein degradation, apoptosis, transcription, signal transduction, cell cycle progress, and genetic stability).
Write a Python program that, using the genbank record, saves the corresponding protein sequence in fasta format.




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