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Hello everyone,
since I am working with a lot of NGS data for which I want to perform KEGG enrichment analysis I tried to get the standalone version of KOBAS 3 to work on my workstation. So far, most features are running but I have one problem with the "" script. If I want to annotate fasta-files I always get the following error message:

"IOError: Bad fasta format at ' the FIRST ' sequence" (from the script in KOBAS)

However, if I start the script with ENSEMBL or UniprotIDs, everything works fine. I checked the scripts but could not figure out why the software does not recognize the fasta-files. I tried several different fasta-files (also downloaded some from NCBI) and also tested those with a custom-written biopython script. My script was able to read in the fasta-files with no error messages. So I am clueless. The documentation of the KOBAS package is rather simple and I also could not find any solutions on the internet. So I was wondering if anybody else has experience with the standalone version of KOBAS and might be able to help me!
Thanks in advance!

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