Job: Graduate student position in bioinformatics available at the University of Iowa


One graduate student position starting from spring or summer 2021 with a research assistantship (around $27,000 annual stipend plus tuition remission and fringe benefit) is available in the Division of Biostatistics and Computational Biology of the College of Dentistry at the University of Iowa (UI). Candidate will be enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Informatics (IGPI) at UI. Candidate can also be enrolled in either Biostatistics program or Biomedical Engineering program depending on background and qualifications.

The research project is to develop computational pipelines/algorithms for large biological data integration and mining. The methods resulted from this research will be used to investigate latent patterns behind big biological data including oral cancer omics data and metagenomics data, with a goal to identify links between human genetic variations and risk of diseases to develop novel screening tools.

Students enrolled will be trained in a multidisciplinary environment and has opportunity to collaborate with world-class scientists on high-level research projects. Courses will focus on bioinformatics, as well as mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

Candidates with an interest in bioinformatics are encouraged to apply. Please contact Dr. Erliang Zeng at [email protected] for more details.








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