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Cape Town – Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) director-general Phumla Williams cautioned citizens on Friday against relying on untested information about the pandemic and Covid-19 vaccine initiatives.

This comes as Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng said he would not back down on his controversial comments that any vaccine that was of the ’’devil’’ be destroyed while delivering a prayer in Thembisa on Thursday.

Reiterating the government’s commitment to participate in all Covid-19 vaccine initiatives to make sure South Africa also benefits, Williams told “Government reminds South Africans that our efforts are based on the scientific information provided by health practitioners.

’’We therefore urge South Africans not to rely on fake news and untested information. We commit to provide information based on science.”

“Government wishes to remind South Africans that Covid-19 is still with us and requests adherence to the health protocols of washing hands, wearing a mask at all times, using their elbows when coughing and observe social distancing.’’

South Africa is grappling with a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases after recording 8 166 more infections, bringing the total number to 836 764 since the outbreak.

Justice Mogoeng had said during the prayer: “I lock out every demon of Covid-19, I lock out any vaccine that is not of You (God).

“If there be any vaccine that is of the devil, meant to infuse 666 in the lives of people, meant to corrupt their DNA … any such vaccine, may it be destroyed by fire.

“Any legalising agent law, for wickedness in this nation, for wickedness in Africa, and across the nations of the world.

“No more suffering Lord, revive the economy of this country, for we know, you have told us there are many hidden minerals that will surface only when righteousness emerges,” he said.

On Friday, Justice Mogoeng presented the Judiciary of South Africa’s Annual Report for 2019/20 and insisted he will not be apologising for his prayer.

He also said those who did not wish to be vaccinated and should not be forced to do so.

“I don't know anything about vaccines. I saw something that says it must be compulsory and you will need to have a vaccination certificate to travel. It must be voluntary.

“You can’t impose a vaccine on people. Why should I have the vaccine if I am not positive,” he said.

“I am crying unto God (that) if there is any vaccine with 666, I want God to destroy it, if there is any vaccine meant to corrupt the DNA of people, I am asking God to interrupt it, any clean vaccine, they must produce it quickly,” he said on Friday, adding that it was for scientists to propagate for the vaccine and not him.

Justice Mogoeng said he had a democratic right to freedom of thought and expression and he would not be silenced as South Africa was a free country.


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