Google has updated its Passes API that will let people store digitized evidence of their COVID-19 vaccination on Android phones. Passes API system makes it easier for customers to save boarding passes, loyalty programs, gift cards, or tickets to their phones for easy access at any time, anywhere.

Called COVID Card, the new feature will be initially rolling out in the US, followed by other countries. Users will not be required to install any particular app to store or access the digital card on their devices.

Once a digital version of the COVID Card is stored in a device, users can easily access it via a shortcut on their device home screen, even when they are offline or in areas that have weak internet service.

The COVID Card will show information such as the name of your vaccine and when you took its first and second doses. It will also provide details on COVID-19 tests.

However, government agencies, healthcare organisations, and public health authorities that are authorised to distribute vaccines and conduct tests for COVID-19 will need to use Google's Passes APIs. This is required by the agencies to enable users with the digital version of vaccination and test certificates.

Once your healthcare provider has implemented necessary changes at their end, you'll be able to store your vaccination or testing details from the COVID Card.

You can save the card from the app of your healthcare provider or through the email or text message you will get from the government agency or organisation conducting COVID-19 vaccination or tests.

Google has said that it does not retain a copy of the user's COVID vaccination or test information. It noted that the information in the user's COVID Card is not shared with any of its services or third parties and is not used for targeting ads.

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