Google Cloud for RNA seq analysis


Hi, Did anyone try Google Cloud Platform for RNA seq data analysis? They provide pipelines, how can I analyze without those pipelines.

Basically, I would like to do alignment using STAR, then peak calling using CLIPPer.

Thank you!






For RNA-seq analysis, you need access to Linux command-line programs such as aligners, assemblers, and R. So your best bet on google's cloud might be a virtual machine with access to the OS via command line. The product is called "compute engine". However, I was unsuccessful in activating the free-trial for that due to some errors on Google's side "The attempted action failed, please try again". Maybe it is just me or temporary today, but that put me off for now, it seems very buggy/alpha and definitely not re-assuring. You can try at and see if you can activate it.

Also, they require credit card information. If you want to continue using the cloud after your trial period, you better get a corporate credit card and calculate the costs for CPU and storage carefully.

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