Hi all,

I have some genes and want to investigate the status of their mutations during cancer so I annotated my VCF file (for somatic variants) by ANNOVAR and I used some databases for annotation (i.e. icgc28, nci60, Noncoding_CosmicV92, Coding_CosmicV92, cadd13gt10, dann, clinvar_20210501, avsnp150, gnomad211_exome, gnomad211_genome, hrcr1, cg46, cg69, kaviar_20150923, refGeneWithVer, knownGene, ensGene, cytoBand, genomicSuperDups, tfbsConsSites, wgRna, gwasCatalog, abraom, dbnsfp41a, eigen, esp6500siv2_all, exac03, gme, intervar_20180118 ) but I’m not sure if I need all of them ?! 😐

which are helpful and preferred to annotating a VCF file for somatic variants?

Thanks for any help or suggestion.

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