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The first few lines of a mouse genome gene annotation file look like this with both Ensembl gene id and GEO annotation.
using Biomart.

Gene stable ID GO term accession
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0009055
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0016020
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0016491
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0006122
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0008121
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0022904
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0045275
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0016021
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0046872
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0055114
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0005739
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0005743
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0070469
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0031305
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0001666
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0007584
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0009408
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0009636
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0009725
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0010243
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0014070
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0031100
ENSMUSG00000064370 GO:0033590
I want to create a similar file for zebrafish genome with Ensembl id and Go annotation. How to go about it?

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