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I recently downloaded sliced variant .vcf files from gnomAD. Upon downstream analysis, I noticed that some of my variants were annotated to have no reported allele count or allele frequency... Does anyone know how this could be? I assumed that if there was no count for this allele, the allele would not be in the file?

275 Missense    p.Leu275Ser 0.00000e+00 NA  NA
278 Frameshift  p.Lys278fs  4.78973e-06 9.42454e-06 1
281 Missense    p.Phe281Leu 4.83311e-06 NA  NA
282 STOP Gain   p.Gln282*   0.00000e+00 NA  NA
282 Missense    p.Gln282Glu 4.86485e-06 9.51059e-06 1
285 Frameshift and Splice   p.Lys285fs  4.86282e-06 6.56944e-05 1
291 Synonymous  p.Gly291Gly 8.44602e-06 3.26648e-05 1
293 Synonymous  p.Lys293Lys 4.22244e-06 2.89218e-05 1
296 Synonymous  p.Val296Val 4.22215e-06 8.79678e-06 1
297 Synonymous  p.Lys297Lys 1.26659e-05 2.63894e-05 3
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