Getting biological replicates from SRA run NCBI


I want to download the paired RNA-seq libraries from this experiment SRX2613389. There are 8 SRA runs that from this article correspond to 8 tissues, each tissue has 3 biological replicates(they took samples from 3 different plants per tissue) which would result in 24 libraries in total. I know how to get the .sra files and then the Forward and reverse reads. But i don't know how to get the biological replicates that seem to be concatenated on each of the .sra files. If someone knows how to split that i would love to know.

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PD: In the SRA run browser of each accession in "data access" i can see the individual files for each replicate under the "originally submitted data". I followed tutorials on how to access that data with an Amazon web services(AWS) account but i haven't been able to access the data.

PD2: In one of the additional files of the article exists a table with the read count of each individual library, ¿would it be reasonable to simply split each sra file by the number of reads each replicate has?, assuming they concatenated the files with a simple cat command.






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