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I want to implement software(python script) to identify genic regions based on codon usage analysis, specifically codon usage log-likelihood. I have 2 files one is FASTA and another one contains information of codons

The following is the general algorithm;

1) Starting at the first base of the DNA sequence, determine the first two codons and calculate their log-likelihood of occurrence based on a provided frequency table. Record this value and do the same for codons 2 and 3. Continue until you have processed all of the triplets in the sequence.

2)Do the same as step 1 except start at base 2 of DNA sequence. This represents the second reading frame of the sequence.

3) Do the same as step 1 except start at base 3 of the DNA sequence. This represents the third reading frame of the sequence.

4) Select a sliding window size, x, to analyze the three lists of data. 50 to 100 codons is recommended size of the window.

5) For each reading frame, calculate the sum of log-likelihoods within the sliding window and select the largest of the three.

6)Slide the window over y number of codons and go to step 5. 10 codons is the recommended sliding window increment size.

7) Print out the sliding window start position and the largest likelihood sum.

I have tried this code:

from Bio import SeqIO
import re
import statistics
from math import log
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.patches as patches

fasta_file = "samt.fasta"
codon_file = "codontable.txt"
lookup = {}
infile = open(codon_file,mode = 'r')

for line in infile:
# The codon is the three DNA letters to specify an amino acid
codon = ""
# The frequency value in the table should be dived by 1000
frequency = ""
lookup[codon] = frequency

But stuck after that. Plz help me

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