Gene ID conversion for pathway enrichment analysis of differentially expressed genes

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I am facing problems in setting up pathway enrichment analysis for the differentially expressed genes because of problems with Gene Ids. I tried using DAVID but the species that I am using is not listed there.

In brief, I used the annotation file (ggf3) from for RNA seq data analysis. I have the list of up and down-regulated genes. I am trying to do gene enrichment pathway analysis for the up and down-regulated genes using various online platforms such as DAVID, CPDB, and Shinygo. The problem that I am facing is that none of these online platforms are accepting the gene ids from the gene annotation file I obtained from ebi. All online platforms require Ensembl gene ids and I am unable to convert.

Species: Desulfovibrio alaskensis G20

Genome Annotation file link:

Any help will be greatly appreciated and very helpful in my research.




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