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I want to compare the expression of a list of genes (mouse) in a specific organ e.g. lung. Also, the chromatin state e.g. which regions are repressed or transcriptionally active.

I think MGI gene expression database for gene expression and ENCODE for chromatin?

But I cannot figure out how to get chromatin information from ENCODE database...

I had a try at MGI expression database. does cM here means expression? how do I search for tissue specific expression?

    MGI Gene ID Gene Symbol Gene Name   Type    Chr Genome Location-GRCm38  cM  Strand  
MGI:97363   Notch1  notch 1 protein coding gene 2   26457902-26503822   18.91   -   
MGI:98834   Trp53   transformation related protein 53   protein coding gene 11  69580359-69591873   42.83   +



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