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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to work with workflows on galaxy. I have tested all the tools that I need separetely to confirm that it works, and the I proceeded to create my workflow.

This is the workflow (part of it for testing), for FASTQ files on RNAseq data:

Simple workflow

For this workflow, I want my FASTQ files to proceed to FASTQC, and then the raw data of FASTQC to be concateneted on MULTIQC, which is a multisample quality check viewer.

The problem is that, even by creating a collection of data, galaxy is creating one FASTQC for each file, one multiQC for each file and then no multisample FASTQC and MULTIQC.

This is how the history looks like with this workflow
History workflow

Am I'm doing something wrong? Collection of files is not the right step to create only one FASTQC and one MULTIQC with batch of files?


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