JD.com: "No. We like Alibaba. We're willing to give you Alibaba, [but] we're not going to give you anything else. Why? Because we don't trust them."

Diebold Nixdorf: "I don't even know what to say about them. They're going nowhere fast."

Iqiyi: "That's the Chinese Netflix with a lot of people at home. You'd figure they are doing well and the stock reflects that — I like Alibaba."

Crispr Therapeutics: "I like the spec. I like the spec. As long as you recognize it is a spec, I do like it."

Enterprise Products: "It is the best of the lot, but I don't like to recommend fossil fuels or pipelines. They are going — they're history. And a good example is how great a company Enterprise Products is, but it doesn't matter. Yields 6.7%, nobody wants it so I'll be the last to tell you to buy it."

AT&T: "I think AT&T's fine. I'm a believer in the bull case. I am aligned with the bull case of Elliot Partners. I am not with the bear case of MoffettNathanson. I think you're fine there."

Virgin Galactic: "It's a short squeeze right now. It's way up too much. It goes up a little bit everyday. There's not a lot of stock around. I say do not touch it."

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