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Hi all!

I am trying to run for a list of IDs but it does not find the promoter set I am specifying. I would like to find motifs near the TSS of human promoters of hg19. For this, I am running: input_ids.txt data/genomes/hg19/hg19.tss motif_results/ -start -400 -end 100 -len 6,10 -p 4

!!! data/genomes/hg19/hg19.tss not found in /HOMER_motif_analysis/.//config.txt
Try typing "perl /HOMER_motif_analysis/.// -list" to see available promoter sets
If avaliable, type "perl /HOMER_motif_analysis/.// -install data/genomes/hg19/hg19.tss" to install

I have run perl -list and I would like to use the following


human-p v5.5 human promoters (human)

Therefore, I have run the following:

perl -install human-p

But not sure how to specify this in the command... any help with this please?

Thanks in advance.


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