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Hey, I have a sorted and indexed .bam file, and I am running it through freebayes, with the script :

freebayes -f ref.fa [email protected] in.vcf.gz aln.bam >var.vcf

And I had error like this:

unable to find FASTA index entry for '1'

I have changed the headers in fasta file from chr1, chr2 ... to 1, 2, 3 .. to match vcf file by:

for i in {1..64185939}; do echo $i; done | paste - <(sed '/^>/d' hg38.fa) | sed -e 's/^/>/' -e 's/t/n/' > new.fa

then I run this script and I get the:

index file index.fai not found, generating...
ERROR: mismatched line lengths at line 39028338 within sequence
File not suitable for fasta index generation.

Could you give me some advice?

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