• smallRNA-seq, but have files R1/R1fastq?

    Hi all,

    I had files from small RNA-seq (single end), but when I see in the archive I got R1-R2 f...

  • parsing fastq files in python

    I have multiple fastq files for different samples. Example :

  • Method to Check Fastq Completeness after Fastq-dump

    Hi All,

    What's your method to check the completeness of the fastq file after the download by fa...

  • Sample Exome Fastq Files

    Hi all

    I was wondering if there are some exome analysis FASTQ files out there?

    Any help will be...

  • How to run spades.py for multiple files(fastq) at once?

    I have **218 fastq files i.e,(109*2),** each of which have files named in the format as following...

  • Split Fastq File In Small Fastq Files - Windows

    Hi All,

    Is there anyway I can split large FASTQ files into small FASTQ files with defined number...

  • using Fastq-grep in batch

    Dear all
    I'm new to fastq-grep.
    I try to use it on a series of fastq file.
    how to specify the ou...

  • Fastq Files From Different Flowcells


    For a single sample, i have several paired-end fastq files from four different flowcells. i....

  • fastq-dump download pair-end fastq without split-files

    Hey All,

    What should I do if I forget to add the option of split-files in fastq-dump when I down...

  • Illumina fastq lane output

    When I convert bcl to fastq (with bcl2fastq), by default I get several fastq file by sample AND b...

  • Convert colorspace fastq to basespace fastq

    Convert Solid color space fastq in base space fastq

    Hi all
    I am a beginner in NGS. I downloaded ...

  • Merge fastq files


    I have the following fastq files:

  • How to filter sequencing reads in a fastq file by size?

    How to filter sequencing reads in a fastq file by size?
    I want to filter a Ribo-Seq fastq file to...

  • Convert FASTQ to FASTA, filter, then convert filtered FASTA back into FASTQ

    Hi all,

    I have a fastq file that I want to filter with seqclean to remove low complexity reads. ...

  • Extracting longest read from fastq file

    Hello All,

    I want to extract the longest read from a fastq file. I am not aware of any way to do...

  • Splitting Individual FASTA/FASTQ reads from NGS data

    Hi All

    I have subsets of 100 and 500 reads in FASTA and FASTQ formats. How can I split this one ...

  • Run merge-paired-reads script for multiple files at the same time (SortMeRNA)

    Hello everybody. right now I'm trying to assemble the fast q files with reverse and forward read ...

  • Download fastq files from SRA database using biosample identifier

    Hi All,

    I have a list of biosample identifiers like SAMN01096167, SAMN01096168 and SAMN01096169....

  • How to rename multiple file name

    Hi I want to rename multiple file:

    Old File Name is like this:

    SRR4104645_1.fastq ...

  • Using trimmomatic on multiple paired-end read files

    I need help to write a for loop to run Trimmomatic tool for quality trimming of paired end fastq ...

  • PacBio Quality checking tool

    Hi All,

    We obtained the “.bax.h5” and “.fastq” files after PacBio sequencing service and I als...

  • How can I add Sample Identifier to paired fastq file names

    I have over 500 paired fastq files. They have been received from a source where the Sample Iden...

  • convert forward and reverse fastq file to one sra file

    Dear all
    how can i convert forward and reverse fastq file to one sra file?
    i search a lot but i c...

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