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This error appears if my output file is at /mnt/...(drive). But if an output file is in home directory - trinity runs well
And some strange situation, when I wrote *sudo" the program cannot find salmon, but without this one, it runs well.
When i run trinity i have the next error:

failed to create symbolic link 'left.norm.fq': Operation not supported Error, cmd: ln -sf /mnt/lapd/Vika_data/Denovo/trinity3/insilico_read_normalization/L3_R1_pair.fastq.normalized_K25_maxC200_minC1_maxCV10000.fq left.norm.fq died with ret 256 at /home/katya/Soft/trinityrnaseq-v2.11.0/util/ line 793. Error, cmd: /home/katya/Soft/trinityrnaseq-v2.11.0/util/ --seqType fq --JM 200G  --max_cov 200 --min_cov 1 --CPU 50 --output /mnt/lapd/Vika_data/Denovo/trinity3/insilico_read_normalization --max_CV 10000  --left /mnt/lapd/Vika_data/Denovo/trim2/L3_R1_pair.fastq --right /mnt/lapd/Vika_data/Denovo/trim2/L3_R2_pair.fastq --pairs_together  --PARALLEL_STATS   died with ret 512 at /home/katya/Soft/trinityrnaseq-v2.11.0/Trinity line 2826. main::process_cmd("/home/katya/Soft/trinityrnaseq-v2.11.0/util/insilico_read_nor"...) called at /home/katya/Soft/trinityrnaseq-v2.11.0/Trinity line 3379
main::normalize("/mnt/lapd/Vika_data/Denovo/trinity3/insilico_read_normalization", 200, ARRAY(0x558a27931ee0), ARRAY(0x558a27931ec8)) called at /home/katya/Soft/trinityrnaseq-v2.11.0/Trinity line 3319
main::run_normalization(200, ARRAY(0x558a27931ee0), ARRAY(0x558a27931ec8)) called at /home/katya/Soft/trinityrnaseq-v2.11.0/Trinity line 1372


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