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Hey all,
I am working on a script to translate a mass amount of .tsv files containing predicted ORFs using biopython. I keep running into the error that a 'module is not callable when the modules are correctly loaded. Everything works until I enter the translation phase of the script when I receive a module error. Below is the full error:

>       File "./", line 34, in <module>
>         SeqIO.write(proteins, inputfilepath + 'translation.faa', 'fasta')
>       File "/Users/zacharyhenning/miniconda3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/Bio/SeqIO/",
> line 556, in write
>         for record in sequences:
>       File "./", line 32, in <genexpr>
>         for nuc_record in SeqIO.parse(outputfilepath, 'fasta')
>       File "./", line 16, in make_protein_record
>         id="translated_" +,
>     TypeError: 'module' object is not callable

Here is my code:

from Bio import SeqIO
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import sys
from Bio.Seq import Seq
from Bio.Alphabet import generic_dna
from Bio import SeqIO
from Bio import SeqRecord

inputfilepath = sys.argv[1]
outputfilepath = inputfilepath + "_nucleotide.fasta"
#function being used in script
def make_protein_record(nuc_record):
    return SeqRecord(
        seq=nuc_record.seq.translate(to_stop=True, table='Bacterial'),
        id="translated_" +,
#initialize DF skipping first few rows

df = pd.DataFrame(pd.read_csv(inputfilepath, skiprows=5, delimiter='t'))
df = df.drop(columns=['ContigCoord'])

#create dictionary to write to file

dict_y = df['Sequence'].to_dict()
for key, value in dict_y.items():
    with open(outputfilepath, 'a+') as handle:
        handle.write(">" + str(key) + "n")
        handle.write(value + "n" + "n")

#generator expression to translate files

proteins = (
    for nuc_record in SeqIO.parse(outputfilepath, 'fasta')
SeqIO.write(proteins, inputfilepath + 'translation.faa', 'fasta')


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