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Hello there,

I´m trying to parse my data to an html having direct access to EntreGene information. Here is my code


     #I select the ids of the genes with p-value less tha 0.05*
     topTab <- topTab_WvsK
     selectedIDs <- rownames(topTab)[whichGenes]

     #I convert them to entrez gene and gene symbols*
     genes<- getEG(selectedIDs, "hgu133a.db")
     simbols <-getSYMBOL(selectedIDs, "hgu133a.db")

     #I make entrez gene column so it can be hyperlinkde*
     paraEnlace <- list (misgenes=genes)

     #I create the dataframe where the file will go*

     otherNames = data.frame(selectedIDs, simbols, topTab[whichGenes,-1])
     names(otherNames) = c("Affy ID", "Gene Symbol", colnames(topTab)[-1])

     comparison <- names(topTab)

      #I invoke htmlpage function
              filename =file.path(resultsDir, paste("Selected Genes in comparison ",comparison,".html", sep="")) , 
              title = paste("Diff. expressed genes in comparison ", comparison, sep=""), 
              othernames = otherNames, 
              table.head = c("Entrez IDs", names(otherNames)),
     = TRUE, 

It executes everything until the htmlpagefunction then this error pops up:

    Error in .repositories[[repository]](ids, ...) : object 'blanks' not found

Any insight woulld be really appreciated.

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