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I'm completely new to RNA-seq and, because I'm going to do that analysis in the coming months, I was following the RNA-seq with Bioconductor course in Datacamp. I'm in the part where we going to run results() on my dds object.

My two conditions are normal and fibrosis and I want normal to be the reference or base level.

Following the course, I should specify this in the contrast argument of results() in the following way:

smoc2_res <- results(object = dds, contrast = c("condition of interest", "level to compare", "base or reference level"), alpha = 0.05, 
                 lfcThreshold = 0.32)

So, I wrote:

smoc2_res <- results(object = dds, contrast = c("condition", "fibrosis", "normal"), alpha = 0.05, 
                 lfcThreshold = 0.32)

And looking at the first line in the result with head(smoc2_res):

log2 fold change (MLE): condition fibrosis vs normal 

I got what I specified, the comparison is between fibrosis and normal, being normal the reference level.

As this guide says, to shrink the log fold changes, I have to "provide the dds object and the name or number of the coefficient I want to shrink, where the number refers to the order of the coefficient as it appears in resultsNames(dds)".

Running resultsNames(dds) to get the coefficient I got:

[1] "Intercept"                    "condition_normal_vs_fibrosis"

But, as normal is the reference level, I was expecting "condition_fibrosis_vs_normal" to be present in resultsNames(dds).

Following some posts like

I tried to change the reference level of the dds object with:

dds$condition <- factor(x = dds$condition, levels = c("normal", "fibrosis"))

I was expecting "condition_fibrosis_vs_normal" but checking with resultsNames(dds) I got again:

[1] "Intercept"                    "condition_normal_vs_fibrosis"

Trying with relevel():

dds$condition <- relevel(dds$condition, ref = "normal")

And checking with resultsNames(dds) i get again:

[1] "Intercept"                    "condition_normal_vs_fibrosis"

I'm must be doing something wrong because the coefficient doesn't change...

And because I can get the coefficients right, when I run:

res_lfc <- lfcShrink(dds = dds, coef = "condition_normal_vs_fibrosis", res = smoc2_res)

As expected, I get an error message:

Error in lfcShrink(dds = dds_smoc2, coef = 2, res = smoc2_res) : 'coef' should specify same coefficient as in results 'res'


as normal is the reference level, was expecting condition_fibrosis_vs_normal to be present in 'resultsNames(object)'

Sorry if this is a basic mistake. I'm very new to this analysis so I'm sure there is something important that I'm missing.

I'll be very grateful for your kind help.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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