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Hi everyone, I did edgeR to analyze no replicated sample with the following code.
Unfortunately, I met some of the problems that I can't fix.

count <- read.table("D:/NDM-12-4/test/Vero.CH.CH-C100.normalisedReadCounts.txt", sep = "t", header = T, row.names = 1)
d1 <- estimateGLMCommonDisp(count, design=NULL, verbose=TRUE)
d2 <- estimateCommonDisp(count, verbose=TRUE)
fit <- glmFit(count,dispersion = 0.26664)
results <- glmLRT(fit, coef=2)

The result shows that

Error in glmLRT(fit, coef = 2) : 
Need at least two columns for design, usually the first is the intercept column

But actually, I put two samples inside the count file. So what does that mean??

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