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Hello everyone

I used to download FASTQ files form ENA server with aspera, but I cant download datas anymore.

This code is what I used to use. (Thanks to SRA explorer)

ascp -QT -l 300m -P33001 -i $HOME/.aspera/connect/etc/asperaweb_id_dsa.openssh [email protected]:vol1/fastq/SRR581/008/SRR5817038/SRR5817038_2.fastq.gz . && mv SRR5817038_2.fastq.gz SRR5817038_GSM2699772_8858-3_Hepa_Day_130_bulk_Homo_sapiens_RNA-Seq_2.fastq.gz

after some times, there was no download start signal nor error log. just new command line starts.

I tried to eliminate -P33001 parameter then it shows

ascp: Failed to open TCP connection for SSH, exiting.

Session Stop  (Error: Failed to open TCP connection for SSH)

I allowed port 22 and port 33001 with ufw long time ago.

I changed my internet to figure out whats going on, but it doesn`t work.

Is there any download policy change from ENA server?

Thank you very much.

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