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Hi, I'm trying to download data from the MG-RAST server but I'm not able to do it. Data are from the project 'Moving Pictures of the Human Microbiome' (IDs 4457768.3-4459735.3) and I want passed files (100.1). I 'm not sure if it is up to me or the server.

I've tried several steps:

  1. I've tried to download it through Python script by using wget and MG-RAST API (url = '' + str(id) + '.3?file=100.1'), where I looped IDs in the given range (that's the part str(id) in the url above). This only finds given IDs and don't start the download (everything is 0)
  2. If I fixed ID and tried to access the above url with this ID (e.g. through Browser (Opera, Microsoft Edge), the requested file would only appear in the download list of my Browser with all 0 (0MB, 0%) and it would stay that way for a long time (until I stop him since I need to shut down the computer to rest).
  3. Neither the direct download from have helped.

I have this issue for more than two weeks and at any time of the day. Did anyone have the same problem or have any ideas?

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