Download all Bacteria accession list from NCBI


Hello, biostars,

I want to download all the accession numbers of the bacteria proteins
From -->send to --> file --> Format (Accession List) and create file seems to not working for bacteria ( I tested with viruses, archaea and works perfectly)
After that, I tried to extract all accession numbers list via the command prompt, but I could not do so.
Even ncbi proposed command for the genomes doesn't seem to work "" option command-line tool which gives

datasets download genome taxon 2 --filename 

I got this error unknown flag: --filename

I also tried to "change" some commands such as genome to genes like ... datasets download gene taxon 2 --filename, but it downloads the gene with id 2 (parses the term taxon)
and I also tried curl '

Does anybody have an idea how to manipulate this issue?





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