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Hi, I'm currently new to bioinformatics and kind of lost here...

I'm currently trying to use connectivity map(cmap) through

broad institue

I submitted up regulated and down regulated gene ids (converting my genes to affy hg-u133a

I was wondering - if the order of the up regulated genes(or down regulated genes) does not matter.

Also, while converting the genes (using biomaRt) to affy hg-u133a (in my case from affy hg-u133 plus 2 -> hg-u133a)

it creates multiple ids for just one id, like below

209396_s_at ------> 209396_s_at

209396_s_at ------> 209395_at

Is it necessary to include both results(209396_s_at, 209395_at) in my list?

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