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The installation of Monocle3 on Rstudio is driving me nuts and I'm trying to install it for a couple of days, by different methods ... nothing works.
Monocle, the previous release of Monocle3 get to be installed but has some troubles running and I would prefer to work with the latest version and fonctionalities.

I'm running on Debian9, on Rstudio.
For now, the latest R version is installed and it's R 3.6.1. I can't manage to install the 3.6.2 but normally, Monocle3 should work on 3.6.1 too.

Everything is working, Bioconductor, the packages that need to be installed before (like SingleCellExperiment), leidenbase through devtools....

So I had to install manually a couple of packages, like speedglm, furr ...

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