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Hello, I'm using diffReps to analyse hMeDIP -seq data without replicate . I enter the command

/home/syd/miniconda3/envs/chipseq/bin/ --treatment 3dR_cutadapt_trim1010.aln.q20.bed --control 3dL_cutadapt_trim1010.aln.q20.bed --report diff_chip3d --chrlen genome_length.txt --btr 3d_input_cutadapt_trim10.aln.q20.bed --bco 3d_input_cutadapt_trim10.aln.q20.bed --meth gt --nproc 4

I get bed files from bam files by bedtools. And I put three bed files and genome length file in one directory.

But I get the error "Cannot delete file .1604405765.13726.chrY.bed: No such file or directory" or so so much .
Cound you help me analyse it ? Thank you!

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