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Hi, I'm comparing multiple pipeline, I found that multiple pipelines using BWA-MEM but with difference option, and I don't understand all the meaning of its:

1, From CCDG:

bwa mem -Y

(follow by FixMateInformation of Picard, then MarkDuplicate and so on)

2, From GATK Best Practice - in workshop poster:

bwa mem -M

(follow by merging with an unmapped bam file, then MarkDuplicate and so on)

3, Parabrick:

bwa mem

(then MarkDuplicate and so on)

From BWA MEM help option:

-Y            use soft clipping for supplementary alignments
-M            mark shorter split hits as secondary

But I don't know why CCDG use -Y with FixMateInformation (while others don't), and why GATK need the unmapped bam? Also, as the document of bwa mem said that -M is necessary for picard MarkDuplicate, both Parabrick and CCDG don't use that option.

Could someone please explain to me these difference? And which one is the most reliable one?

Thank you very much


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