Delete Biosamples and Organism in Tripal


I am using Tripal to build a database. I have uploaded an xml file including biomaterial. How can I remove a biomaterial from tripal?
The same question about Organism, I have uploaded an organism which I want to remove. Is there a way to do this?




If you navigate to the organism page, I know there should be an edit link if you have administrator privileges. Once you click edit, a delete button appears. How this looks depends a bit on your theme, but it should be at the bottom of the page. The node delete should trigger deleting chado entries related to the organism as well. That should be the identical procedure for biomaterial if it has a node assigned, but haven't checked.

You can also build the URLs directly, they are formed like this (if using clean URLs):


where <nodeid> is the node id.

If you don't see the Edit tab, you are either not logged in or your user doesn't have edit rights.

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