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Hi all

I'm confused about the definition of "hypothetical" in PGAP RefSeq genome annotations...
So far I assumed, that a hypothetical protein has only evidence for a ORF, but no experimental evidence for a protein product so far.
While scrolling through the Genebank-File of E.coli K-12 substr. MG1655 (NC_000913) I've stumbled over 5 entries named "hypothetical protein". So I was wondering how did these entries made it into the RefSeq annotation?
Having a closer look at one of these 5 entries, I was even more puzzled:
gene: "uraA" (2618871..2620160) has a protein product labeled as "hypothetical protein", but also a protein_id: NP_416992.1, as well as references to Swissprot (P0AGM7) and many other databases. So I assumed, that this protein is still a predicted ORF, without experimental evidence. But looking at Swissprot entry P0AGM7, I find a entry with experimental evidence at protein level (annotation score 5 of 5). How do I have to read this?

Thank you all already in advance for helping me understand, whats going on here...


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